Halenda’s Fundraising Program in Durham Region

Delicious and profitable. Easy fundraising ideas begin with great fundraising products!

About the Program

Halenda’s Pepperoni Stix will help you finish fundraising quickly with outstanding profit, in less time than other fundraisers. Halendas makes fundraising easy for organizers and volunteers. Your group will thank you for choosing Halenda’s pepperoni sticks for your next fundraising event.

Did you know that the decision to buy a fundraising product from your group is made in just seconds?

Choosing successful fundraising products for your next fundraising event is critically important.

Fundraising Event Ideas:

Any good fundraising product should sell itself. Halenda’s Pepperoni Sticks sell fast because they offer great value for only $2 and they look fresh and tasty. If you are checking fundraising websites for fundraiser ideas Halendas has a simple, effective and very profitable solution.

School fundraising ideas:

Our pepperoni sticks are non-allergenic- (NO peanuts, gluten, dairy or MSG). Fat and sodium levels within the nutritional range set for schools in Ontario. Simple and easy for young people to participate with very little selling required.

Office Fundraising Ideas:

Just put Halendas pepperoni sticks at your office coffee station, desk or office lunch room and they will sell themselves while you work.

Unique fundraising ideas:

No refrigeration required …perfect for summer fundraising. 1-year shelf life no special storage needed. Personalized package insert designed just for your group. A pepperoni stick fundraiser is fun and unique.

Most Profitable Fundraising Ideas:

Compare fundraising profit! Halendas can give you over $270.00 profit per case. That’s 57% Profit …more than double your money back.

15 people, given just 1 case, can raise over $4000.00 profit for your group.

You pay NO TAX on your Halendas order. No minimum order requirements and we ship anywhere in Ontario.

Case Cost
Stix Cost
Sell Price
Unit Profit
Case Profit
% Profit
1-7 cases $240.00 $1.00 $2.00 $1.00 $240.00 50%
8-14 cases $229.20 $0.96 $2.00 $1.05 $250.80 52%
15-24 cases $218.86 $.91 $2.00 $1.09 $261.14 54%
25+ cases $209.01 $.87 $2.00 $1.13 $270.99 56%

Mild & Hot Pepperoni Stix

240 individually wrapped (55g) Pepperoni Stix per case. (160 Mild and 80 hot)

1-7 Cases

8-14 Cases

15-24 Cases

25+ Cases

1-7 Cases

8-14 Cases

15-24 Cases

25+ Cases

Ontario Fundraising Company

Ontarians have enjoyed Halenda’s quality since 1978. Our fundraising products are artisan crafted here in Ontario. If your group is wondering how to earn money let Halendas make your next fundraiser a success!! We think it’s the best way to do fundraising.


For more information email info@halendasfundraising.ca

Bill Schwartz
Fundraising Manager
(905) 576-6328 x 292


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