Celebrating 45 Years of Halenda’s Meats

Halenda’s Meats, founded by Michael and Doreen Halenda in 1979 in Oshawa, Ontario, marks its 45th anniversary this year. Originally starting as a humble venture at a flea market on Toronto St., the business quickly gained traction, thanks to the Halenda family’s commitment to quality Ukrainian food and dedication to filling a gap in the market.

From its early days as M&D Meats, a nod to Michael & Doreen or Mom & Dad, the company has evolved into a beloved family enterprise, with all five of Michael & Doreen’s children actively involved in the business’s growth and success.

The journey from flea market stalls to brick-and-mortar stores was a significant milestone. Halenda’s opened its first permanent location on Simcoe St. in Oshawa, followed by subsequent expansions and acquisitions, including the Taunton & Ritson road store in 1985, further illustrating the family’s dedication to providing top-notch products and service to their community.

Growing the Family Business

The spirit of family and tradition runs deep in Halenda’s Meats. Owners like Richard and Ola Halenda, Brad and Barb McNutt, David and Christine Hobson, and the Allen family have carried forward the legacy of providing exceptional products and service while involving their families in business operations.

This truly is a family-run and owned business. In 1982, Ola Halenda was hired to work at Halenda’s because our original store was getting so busy and they needed a Ukrainian speaker to help with demand. To keep the family tradition running, Richard and Ola’s son Ricky, begun working at various departments at Halenda’s learning about the business from his dad and is now at The Meat Depot running the warehouse and logistics.

At Halenda’s, family isn’t just a part of our business, it’s the secret ingredient that adds flavour to everything we do.

As Halenda’s Meats continued to thrive, its footprint expanded beyond Oshawa into Durham and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Through strategic acquisitions and new openings, the company established a presence in areas like Whitby, Bowmanville, St. Jacobs Market, and Mississauga, catering to diverse communities with its signature offerings and commitment to quality.

Innovation and adaptation have been key drivers of Halenda’s Meats’ success. From establishing The Meat Depot for wider distribution to acquiring production facilities to expand its product range, the company has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of its customers and the market.

Beyond business success, Halenda’s Meats remains deeply committed to giving back to the community. Through initiatives like the May 25th Fundraising Pepperoni Stix program, the company has raised over 2 million dollars for local community organizations, schools, and sports teams across the GTA, embodying its ethos of supporting and uplifting the communities it serves.

As Halenda’s Meats commemorates 45 years of excellence, the company looks forward to continuing its legacy of providing quality meats and exceptional service, fueled by the same passion and dedication that have defined its journey since 1979.

Supporting Our Community Since 1979

Since our establishment in 1979, Halenda’s Meats has been dedicated to giving back to our community. From participating in local events to donating to various causes, community support is at the heart of our family-owned business.

Our fundraising program offers a hassle-free way for organizations to raise funds quickly and efficiently. With our delicious, high-protein pepperoni sticks offered at great prices, we’ve helped raise over $2 million for local organizations, schools, and sports teams across the GTA since 2013.

As a family-operated business, we take pride in our product and are committed to helping you succeed in your fundraising efforts.

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