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Dried, smoked and cured pork and beef sausage. Old-world artisanal recipes from our family to yours.

Available at our 6 retail locations and now at select Metro, Sobeys, Foodland and Fortinos locations. Also available at select deli and independent butcher shops throughout the province.

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We built an empire off Kobassa.

Firstly, our parents started this company 40 years ago, making a family favourite, Kobassa (kielbasa, kolbassa, kolbasa, kielbassa). Since then, our family recipe has taken home many awards over the years, which is no surprise, it is delicious! Obviously, we love the versatility of this mild sausage. It is a fully cooked pork sausage that can be served cold or hot. Above all, we recommend barbequing your kobassa to add to your charcuterie board or place it on a bun for a delicious sandwich.

Here is a peek into our kitchen where we make our Gold award-winning sausage.

To begin, Master Butcher Sylvain Jalbert cuts fresh Ontario pork loins. The buckeye from the loin is used in many of Halenda’s recipes, as the meat is lean and tender. All raw meat brought into the plant goes through the cutting room to trim to their specifications. Once the pork loins are cut they are brought over to our sausage maker.


Afterward, Lorenzo Mottile, our master sausage maker, starts the emulsification of the ground meat. This step ensures that meat will have the right bind and texture. It also helps showcase the large pieces of ham for the best eating experience. The perfect blend of meat and spices is what really makes the difference between Halenda’s Kobassa and some competitors.

What is in our sausage?

Unquestionably, the best sausages have no fillers. Unlike our competitors, our ham is made with ground Ontario Pork and seasoned with no fillers added. Clearly, we pride ourselves on making sure our products include only the best ingredients and our Kobassa is no exception.


Afterward, the mixture is spiced with Halenda’s secret family recipe. Obviously, we have our spices blended together by a top-rated company to ensure that the mix is the same every time. Furthermore, we also add fresh garlic to the ham in the mixer and allow our blend to marinate for two to three days to ensure a flavourful bite.

Finishing the Sausage

At this time the mixture is ready, Lorenzo will then move to the sausage stuffer also called a vacuum filler. Our award-winning ham kobassa is made into 19-20lb rings. While it may appear easy, there is an art form to stuffing it perfectly. Overstuff and the casing can break in the smoker – under stuff and the appearance of the kobassa is wrinkly.


Finally, once cooled the product is then packaged for wholesale and retail in their packaging room. We make bulk rings of kobassa for the deli cooler and self serve packages for retailers such as our 7 locations, Metro and Sobeys.

Halenda’s on the label means quality on your table

Unquestionably, Kobassa makes the perfect addition for lunches, pizza, or pasta. We are proud that our family recipe has been recognized within the Ontario Meat Industry as one of the best. Have you tried our Ham Kobassa yet?

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