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Lean Stewing Beef

Lean Stewing Beef

Only $6.99/lb
Save $3.00/lb

Double Smoked Bacon

Double Smoked or Craft Beer Bacon

Only $7.49/lb
Save $1.00/lb

Black Forest Ham

Halenda's Black Forest ½ Hams

Only $1.69/100g
Save $1.10/kg

Beef Outside Round Roast

Only $6.99/lb
Save $3.00/lb

Halenda's Own Canadian Back Bacon

Only $5.49/lb
Save $1.00/lb

Breaded Chicken Fingers

Only $6.99/lb
Save $1.40/lb

Breaded Pork Schnitzel

Fresh Pork Schnitzel

Only $3.99/lb
Save $2.00/lb

Mishka Mini Ham

Mini Dinner Ham

Only $6.49/lb
Save $0.30/lb

Roasted chicken

Whole Roasting Chickens

Only $2.29/lb
Save $0.61/lb

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