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* Mississauga location may have different sales.

* Sale Effective Friday March 15th – Thursday March 21st, 2019 | Durham Locations Only

Ontario Sirloin Steak

$7.99/lb Save $3.31/lb

Lean Ground Beef

$3.99/lb Save $2.00/lb

Butterfly Pork Chops

$3.99/lb Save $2.71/lb

Boneless Chicken Breast

$3.99/lb Save $3.00/lb

Reids 1L Chocolate Milk

$1.25 each

6oz Beef Burgers

$9.99/box of 8 – Leadbetters

Turkey Kobassa

$5.99/lb Save $1.00/lb

Breaded Pork Kabobs

$5.49/lb Save $1.80/lb

Deli Porketta


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