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Halenda’s Beef Products

Halenda’s ensures that the beef we offer is high quality, well marbled and aged to perfection. Treat your family to the best every day with Halenda’s – where you get to personally select your fresh cut food.

Warning – Halenda’s is habit forming.

Beef Braising Ribs

At Halenda’s we only offer juicy &  tender beef! These Braising Ribs are cut with extra meat so there’s even more to fall off the bone when you cook them!

RIbeye Beef steak

Eye of Round Steak

Halenda’s Eye of the Round Steaks have been marinated with a tenderizer, add your favourite seasoning and cook.

Lean Ground Beef

Lean Ground Beef

Lean Ground Beef is ground fresh daily. Taste the difference between prepackaged & freshly ground.

London Broil

London Broils

Tenderized steak on the outside, with lightly seasoned sausage stuffing on the inside. Bake BBQ or Broil.

Hip Roast Beef

Beef Hip Roast

A bottom round beef roast that is a thick cut from the outside round. It has an irregular shape with elongated muscling and a slight fat covering. It is usually prepared by braising or roasting.


Halenda’s Roladen is sliced fresh from a top round. This is very lean and rolls perfectly. Add your special stuffing and enjoy.

Filet/Beef Tenderloin

The beef tenderloin is the best cut of meat. There are so many ways to cook a filet – the possibilities are endless. Filet Mignon, Chateau Briande to name a few ideas.

Prime Rib Roast

Prime Rib Roast

Delicious and tender, Halenda’s Prime Rib Roast is the perfect roast for any occasion. Prime Ribs are generally well marbeled which gives it a wonderful mouthwatering taste. Treat your family to the best Prime Rib Roast.

Beef and Vegetable Kebab

Beef Kabobs

Tender, marinated beef cubes with fresh onions, peppers and cherry tomatoes. We also add a slice of bacon to the centre to enhance the flavour even more.Cooking Tips:  Take the tomatoes off until cooked and the bacon will make the meat beside it appear red.  This is only the salt in the bacon, “curing” the meat.  Do not over cook.

Coulotte (Pichana) Steaks

It is triangular in shape and surrounded by a thick layer of fat called a fat cap. Because it is not an overused muscle, this cut remains beautifully tender and juicy, producing an amazing flavour when cooked.


Beef Brisket

This fresh beef brisket is one of the best beef products to smoke or cook nice and slow! It has been a crowd pleaser for as long as Halenda’s has been open!

Eye of Round Roast

The Eye of the Round Roast is an oven roast. It can be cut into steaks but we highly recommend marinating first, or buying Halenda’s Marinated Eye of the Round Steaks.

Extra Lean Ground Beef

Tenderized beef steak.  This is a great steak on a bun.  It is also called Minute Steak.

Prime Rib Steak

Can’t go wrong with a Prime Rib! A well marbled, tender & juicy BBQ favourite will keep you wanting more!

Flank Steak

Flank is generally a tougher cut of meat, but when marinated and cooked on high and quick – it melts in your mouth. It has a delicious beefy flavour that will have you experimenting with this cut of meat.

stewing beef

Stew Beef

Beef stew meat is taken from the bottom round, which is largely free of fat or gristle. This allows for a delicious and tender stew.

New York Striploin

Striploin Grilling Steak

Halenda’s New York Strip Loins are one of the most popular steaks we sell. They are tender and lean. Look for one with a nice marble to it. These are easy to serve and enjoy.

Sirloin Tip Roast

Sirloin tip roast has a tasty mild flavour at a reasonable price. It is a lean roast that can be cut into countless items from kabobs to stewing beef. It is suitable for dry roasting but can be dry if overcooked & should be sliced thin.

Tri Tips Steaks

The tri-tip roast or steak (also called a triangle roast) at Halenda’s Fine Foods is the 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 pounds of meat that sits at the bottom of the sirloin. Not only does it have a great flavour, but also tends to be lower in fat than most other cuts, so it’s a good lean cut. Halenda’s has already marinated it for you.  All you need to do is cook and enjoy!

Beef Marrow Bones

These Beef Marrow Bones are perfect for soup! Did you know it’s the marrow in the bones that makes the best stock! Also a great source or protein!

Chinese Beef Fondue

A tender Eye of the Round Sliced extra thin for a tender and fast cooking Chinese Fondue. Use it with cheese or broth, delicious (1/4 of a pound per person)

Smoked RIbs

Beef Ribs

Halenda’s Beef Ribs can be delicious if cooked long and slow.  Cut off the prime rib.

Cube Steak

Tenderized beef steak.  This is a great steak on a bun.  It is also called Minute Steak.

Beef Ribeye Roast

Ribeye Roast

Halenda’s Boneless Premium Ribeye Roast – this roast is fantastic. The Ribeye Roast has the perfect amount of marbling that makes this a very tender cut of meat. Take the best home to your family.

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T-Bone Grilling Steak

Halenda’s T-Bone steaks are a BBQ classic. They are tender and juicy. The T-Bone has the striploin on one side & filet on the other.

Prime Rib Grilling Steak

Ribeye Steak

Discover Halenda’s Boneless Ribeye Steaks they are cut from the prime rib. They tend to have a nice marble to them, which makes them a very tender steak.

Top Sirloin Grilling Steak

Top Sirloin grilling steak is so versatile; it’s one of our favourites. You can serve as a steak, stroganoff, make shishkabobs, the possibilities are endless. We recommend Magic Creations Marinade, 20 minutes to marinade & tastes fantastic.

Sirloin Roast

Sirloin Roast

Sirloin roasts are comparatively lean, tender, flavorful and cost-effective cuts of beef — an ideal cut for traditional pot roast. Since they are tender, they benefit from dry-heat cooking methods such as oven-roasting and grilling. Due to the larger size of a roast, the indirect heat of an oven is the recommended.

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