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Halenda’s Smoked Products

At Halenda’s we make all of our own smoked meats like our Famous Ham Kobassa, smokies and bacon. Items that you just have to try – like deliciously smoked pork chops and award-winning salami sticks.

Warning – Halenda’s is habit forming.

Bacon Bits

Fresh Halenda’s Bacon Bits. These are great on a salad, in a casserole or an omelette. Add to perogies. The chopping is already done. These can be made ahead and frozen.

Breakfast Bacon

Breakfast Bacon

This bacon “Cherry Pink” is lean & delicious. It comes from another Ontario family company. They are federally inspected and cut this bacon thicker for Halenda’s. You will see less shrink and better taste!

Csabai sausage

Csabai Hot

This salami combines coarsley chopped meat and is blended with a little bit of parika and some spices that give it an authentic spicy blend and flavour.

Canadian Back Bacon

Halenda’s Canadian Back Bacon is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We start with lean & tender boneless pork loins, that we cure and smoke with a hint of maple flavour. Also available sliced. This is one of our Award Winners – Ontario’s Finest Award 2011. Gluten Free

Honey & Garlic Sausages

Halenda’s Honey & Garlic Fresh Sausage is made with only the finest ingredients. Our sausages are lean and the combination of sweet and garlic in this sausage is fantastic. Try our fresh Honey & Garlic Sausages today. Gluten Free.

Fresh Jalepeno Sausage

Halenda’s Jalepeno Sausage was one of the winning sausages as picked by you. It has a spicy seasoning that is not too hot. Gluten Free

Buggy Whips

Hot Buggy Whip

These tasty whips are the perfect snack! Made from an award winning recipe they are a sure hit! Similar to our regular Buggy Whips but with fresh Jalapeno Peppers to give your taste buds just that little bit of kick!

Kustra Sausage

This authentic polish recipe goes back over 80 years. It is fully cooked and ready to eat and enjoy. Gluten Free

black forest ham

Mini Dinner Hams

Discover Halenda’s Fine Foods’ Mini Dinner Hams at one of our locations today. At Halenda’s, we start with a tender and lean pork knuckle and smoke it to perfection. This ham is only partially cooked. It is great for any dinner not just your special occasion. Our Mini Dinner Hams are Gluten Free. Check out Halenda’s Mini Dinner Hams, sure to be your family favourite.

Halenda's Old Country Kobassa with Cracked Black Pepper

Similar to our Old Country Kobassa this kobassa has a nice garlic and pepper flavour!

Smoked Bone-In Ham

Halenda’s Smoked Bone-In Hams are delicious. We have taken off the hock end and removed part of the “H” bone. This makes more meat for your money and makes it easier to carve. Gluten-Free

Fiesta Smokies

Mildly seasoned smoked pork/beef sausage with just the right amount of garlic flavour. The #1 Smokie found serving Durham’s Fiesta Week & can be at many pavilions.

Halendas Smokies

Honey & Garlic Smokies

These are ready to eat and have just the right amount of sweet honey and a hint of garlic. Gluten Free.



Halenda’s Own 2013 Award Winning Sremska. Srem a region in the Baltics, is famous for its dry cured products. This salami is a mouth watering blend of pork and spices that defy you to eat only one bite.

Veal Weiners

Veal weiners are truly an old fashion weiner that is nice and mild. Try some today.

Black Forest Ham

This is a 2015 & 2013 Award Winning Black Forest Ham! This is a premium ham with less sodium! Taste the difference quality and local tastes like! This is sold by Whole or Halves.

Csabai Salami Sticks

Salami Sticks are made from Halendas own Award-winning Csabai recipe. At Halenda’s this Hungarian dry-cured salami snack stick is made the old-world way with an authentic Hungarian recipe. Our salami sticks are seasoned with paprika, garlic, and pepper, smoked, dried, and fermented. These are cold smoked using maple and hickory chips for 10 hours to achieve a delicious smokey flavour that is impossible to resist.

Csabai sausage

Csabai Mild

This dried salami combines coarsley chopped meat and a blend of old world spices that gives it an authentic flavour and texture! Great for any snack or finger foods for guests!

Double Smoked Bacon

Double Smoked Bacon

We take a rindless pork belly and smoke it extra long and slow to achieve this amazing and tasty flavour! Our Double Smoked Bacon is also found to be leaner than most bacon! Cut Fresh in-store daily! Try some today!

Fresh Octoberfest Sausage

Halenda’s Fresh Octoberfest Sausage is made with lean pork and quality seasonings. This is one of our most popular sausages and it has a nice well rounded blend of seasonings that everyone will be able to enjoy. Gluten Free

Fresh Macedonian Sausage

New – this fresh sausage is bursting with flavour – not for the faint at heart. If you want a flavour explosion this is the sausage for you!

Hot Dogs

Halenda's Hot Dog

Halenda’s Premium Hot Dogs really are a step above the rest.  They are lean and delicious. 2015 Platinum Award Winner #1 IN ONTARIO.


We carry both Plain & Herbal Liversausage. Spread on crackers, or rye bread. Very mild “pate”.

Rind On Smoked Bacon

One of Halenda’s Fine Foods’ 2013 Silver Award winning products! Halenda’s starts with a premium pork belly and trims it  well to leave just the right amount of fat for flavour, but not too much! We pickle it and smoke it to perfection. Available by the piece or sliced fresh for you. Gluten Free. Try it for yourself and taste the difference freshness can make!


Kabanosy sticks are similar to a Kobassa stick. These are ready to eat or to truly bring out the flavour, heat slightly and enjoy. Gluten Free.

Old Country Kobassa

An award-winner in Ontario’s Finest Meat Competition. This kobassa has a nice garlic flavour, and is very lean. Just like the way they did it in the “Old Country”. It’s also gluten-free!

Ballpark Smokies

Just Heat ‘N’ Eat these delicious smoked sausages. Nice mild seasoning. This one is a real crowd pleaser. Gluten Free. Available in hot or mild

Halenda's Pepperette


Halenda’s own Pepperettes.  Try ours – we think you’ll love them. Gluten Free. Available in hot or mild

Smoked Pork Chops

Smoked Pork Chops

Award winning – Smoked Pork Chops or “Kessler” – centre cut pork loin chops that have been smoked for a wonderful flavour. These are partially cooked – they can be baked or done on the BBQ – Gluten Free

Buggy Whips

Buggy Whips

The buggy whip is available in spicy or mild. It does not require refrigeration. Eat the whole piece or cut it up for a nibble – either way we are sure you will love it.

halenda's chorizo

Chorizo Sausage

This perfectly hot Chorizo Sausage combines coarsely chopped meat and spices. It is then blended with Hungarian paprika and jalapeno peppers that gives it a kick of flavour and is then dried to perfection.

Double Smoked Kobassa

Double Smoked Kobassa

Halenda’s Award Winning Kobassa with a twist.  This Double Smoked Kobassa is a 1.5lb coil and it has a slightly smokier flavour than our original. Gluten free

Fresh Hot Italian Sausage

Halenda’s own Fresh Hot Italian Pork Sausage.  These have a nice amount of heat to them.  They can be cooked and served on a bun, as the meat portion to your meal or take off casing and add to any recipe. Halenda’s makes them fresh constantly. Gluten Free

English Bangers

Try our English Bangers, it is a mix of old world flavour and our famous Breakfast Sausage. Halenda’s English Bangers is the perfect size for breakfast or for appetizers. Made with Fresh Ontario Pork and only the finest of spices.

pork sausage

Fresh Italian Sausage

Our Master Sausage Maker – Lorenzo made them so good, we named them – Lorenzo’s Italian Sausage. Our most popular sausages.

Hunter Salami

Hunter garlic salami is a delicious dry cured product that is perfect for fishing/camping or simply entertaining as it does not require refrigeration. Two pieces in each pack.

pork sausage

Fresh Maple Sausages

We use fresh Ontario Pork, authentic maple flavour and natural casings! Have them for breakfast or dinner!

Halenda's Own Kobassa

Halenda’s 2015 Platinum Award-winning Kobassa! #1 in ONTARIO. This recipe has been passed down for generations and it still is the best one around! Try Kobassa in just about anything – omelets, pizza or peel the casing off  and bake it for a great treat or addition to your special meal. Gluten-Free, taste the difference award-winning can make! Now made with Himalayan salt!

Smoked Ham Hocks

Halenda’s Ham Hocks are large and have more meat on them then most. These are great for soups. Gluten Free

Halendas Peameal Bacon

Peameal Bacon Par-Baked

Par-Baked Peameal Bacon is different from all the rest. We start with large, lean & tender boneless pork loins, cure them and roll them in cornmeal. We partially bake the peameal to save you time and lock in freshness.

Slovanian Salami

This Smoked Slovenian Salami is out of this world! Slice it thin for snacking or sandwiches or slice it into medallions for fast fry patties! The flavour is sure to get you addicted!

Veal Knackwurst

Veal Knackwurst are great on a bun with extra sauerkraut. Feel like Oktoberfest anyone?

Craft Beer and Cheddar Sausage

This Platinum Award-winning sausage was developed by Halenda’s & Ted Reader. It’s made with fresh Ontario Pork, cheddar, and a hint of craft beer. When BBQed over an open flame these craft beer-infused sausages will burst at the seams with melted cheese and delicious craft beer juices.

Halendas Serving Mississauga & Etobicoke

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