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How to Prepare a Charcuterie Board

Looking for a snack or meal that can be shared with friends and family? Try preparing a charcuterie board. The perfect assortment of flavours the whole family can enjoy!

Basic Tips for Assembling a Charcuterie Board:

  1. Select a variety of meat and cheese, meaning an assortment of mild, medium and bold flavors. Some people prefer softer, mild meats and cheeses, where other folks love big, bold flavors. Be sure you have options for both mild and bold flavors, as well as middle-of-the-road options.
  2. Add seasonal fruit to the mix. While the main event attraction of a charcuterie board should be the meat, it is always smart to include fresh in-season fruit to add sweetness to the salty and to change up the experience.
  3. Jams or preserves: Include 1 or 2 jams or preserves for some added flavor and sweetness to balance out the dry and salty meat and cheese.
  4. Provide something briny to pair with the meat and cheese. Pickled vegetables, such as gherkins or pickles, olives, or pickled jalapenos are great on charcuterie boards. They can be paired easily with the bold meats, such as salami, and add a mouth-watering tang. Other spreads: You may also include any of your favorite spreads, such as stone ground mustard, tapenade, pate, hummus, and/or white bean dip. These spreads are great for smearing on sliced baguette for stacking meat and cheese on top.
  5. Get creative by including anything else you think your friends would enjoy. For instance, cheese or chocolate fondue with fresh fruit and bread for dipping, dark chocolate bars, roasted or raw nuts, compound butters, nut butters or hazelnut spread, etc.
  6. Crackers & bread: While your guests can get along perfectly well without crackers or sliced baguette, these items can be great for pairing a variety of ingredients for providing stability to the bite.

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